About us

Love, Nelly is the sister bakery to Butter & Scotch and was opened in July 2020 by Stephanie Gallardo and Keavy Landreth. Love, Nelly is named after Stephanie Gallardo’s mother, and is dedicated to all the women in our lives who have worked tirelessly to pass down recipes, joy, and love. 

We are dedicated to paying our staff a living wage

Before opening we decided to eliminate tipping in our retail location and instead pay our staff a livable wage. You may wonder how taking away those extra dollars that a customer gives actually helps our employees? By raising our prices by 15% across the board we are able to redistribute that money to all of our staff members, and not just those in the front of the house. This takes away the element of chance (will it be a busy or slow day? Will a customer tip or not?) and employees know exactly what they will be walking away with each week. This not only creates a sense of stability but also equality between the front and back of the house.

At Love, Nelly we pay our employees 35% more than the average restaurant worker. 


Thank you for supporting a business that supports its staff with livable wages!